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Founded in 1863. A long-standing ryotei,
or traditional Japanese restaurant affiliated with
Oryo, the wife of Sakamoto Ryoma,
a prominent samurai.



We have managed Tanakaya in this location for the past 150 years since its establishment in the Edo period, having acquired the business from Sakuraya, the inn depicted in ukiyo-e master Ando Hiroshige’s woodblock print “Kanagawashuku” of the “Tokaido Go Jyu San Tsugi” series of prints.

During its heyday, there were about 1300 housing facilities here in Kanagawashuku including troop quarters, inns and teahouses; and this area was even featured in “ Yajikitadochuki,” a Japanese movie released in 1938. Among those 1300, Tanakaya is the only existing ryotei, and we are also the oldest ryotei in Yokohama.

During the Meiji Era, Oryo, the wife of the patriot Sakamoto Ryoma who helped overthrow the Tokugawa shogunate, worked here in Tanakaya. This was also the place where Saigo Takamori and Takasugi Shinsaku planned to overthrow the shogunate and restore imperial rule. We have a long history of esteemed figures coming to Tanakaya – dignitaries such as Ito Hitobumi, elder statesman who played a key role in modernizing Japan, ambassadors from various countries and cultural figures such as Nastume Soseki have all dined with us.

We hope you will enjoy the elegant atmosphere, our furnishings and facilities, our sumptuous cuisine and our staff’s hospitality to your heart’s content, which many customers have savored before.

We sincerely look forward to your visit to Tanakaya.
五代目女将 平塚あけみ

Akemi Hiratsuka
5th Proprietress of Tanakaya


五代目女将 平塚あけみ

6代目女将 晝間 貴子

A ryotei may seem like a formal place to many, and before I married into the family, I also thought of Tanakaya this way.

It is true that Tanakaya has a long history and is steeped in tradition. It is a wonderful place where you can enjoy an atmosphere and cuisine reminiscent of the Edo period; things that you cannot experience elsewhere. While treasuring our traditions, we are also forging ahead with a new kind of ryotei without being hindered by the framework of what has been considered a “ryotei” until now.

While continuing to receive guidance from our fifth proprietress, I and our whole staff hope to meet the needs and demands of the present-day. We will do this by basing our guiding principles on our customers’ thoughts. We welcome your opinions.

6代目女将 晝間 貴子

Takako Hiruma
6th Proprietress of Tanakaya


Guide to Dining at Tanakaya

ご利用法ご利用法Guide to Dining at Tanakaya

There is no defined set of rules in dining with us but we would like to share with you a simple guide for your utmost enjoyment.

for business
Dining with us for business

Dining with us for business

for busines

・Memorable gifts are available for your important clients and business partners.

・We offer taxi coupons. Please settle the bill with the taxi company at a later date.
(Taxis are limited to the taxi company that we have exclusively contracted.)

・Meals take approximately two and a half hours. Please inform us beforehand if you need to leave earlier; we can adjust the pace according to your schedule.

Dining with friends and family
Dining with friends and family

Dining with friends and family

Dining with friends and family

・We offer a special “Family Plan” limited to Sunday evenings.

Family Plan
8 dishes + unlimited drinks ¥10,000 per person
(including service charge and tax)

This offer is limited to 2 hours on Sunday evenings between 16:00 and 21:00.
We have boxed meals available for children of elementary school age and below.
The cost is ¥1,500 (including service charge and tax) per child.
Please feel free to drink any drink and as much as you wish. We offer beer, sake, shochu, whiskey, wine, soft drinks and homemade plum wine.
You may share a table with other parties during busy times. We accept reservations from 4 adults or more.
Due to this special price, we only accept cash for this offer.

For engagement and wedding parties
For engagement and wedding parties

For engagement and wedding parties

For engagement and wedding parties

Celebrate your special, joyous occasion at Tanakaya

Allow us to facilitate the start of good relations between your families. We can accommodate engagement parties and both families’ first meetings.
Older couples favor our subdued, elegant Japanese rooms for their wedding ceremonies which exude an atmosphere that cannot be found anywhere else.
In addition, we also offer our rooms for relaxing after-parties following wedding receptions.
Let us assist you in creating lasting memories of the best time of your life.

・We offer engagement party plans.
・We can accommodate up to 60 people in one place.
・All rooms may be reserved for private parties.


Reservations needed. Please make a reservation through our reservation page up to 2 days prior to your visit.
We also accept reservations by phone or FAX. Please feel free to consult us on the courses available for your budget, menus with your preferred ingredients, gifts and others.

On the day of your visit

We complete our preparations 30 minutes prior to your reservation.
If you arrive early, please feel free to come inside to wait. We do not have a dress code.

Your meal

We will bring your food in succession. Please feel free to ask us for changes in pace, additional orders and any request that you may have.
We also allot enough time for your visit so please relax and make yourself at home.


For a full ryotei experience, we can call a shamisen player to come in and play this traditional Japanese three-stringed guitar.
Please enjoy traditional Japanese ballads and games with her.
Rates start at ¥12,500 for 1 hour. Please reserve in advance.


We offer a variety of deluxe Tanakaya gifts.
Please share the tastes and flavors of a ryotei with your friends and clients.
We also include recipes in our hot pot gifts for the enjoyment of our ryotei’s taste even at home.


Before you leave, please inform your attendant if you need a taxi.

Your bill

Please ask for your bill from your attendant after your meal. Gratuities are included in the service charge.
We accept the following credit cards: VISA / MASTER / JCB / DC / AMEX / CHINA UNION PAY
Even after settling your bill, please let your attendant know when you are ready to leave.
We would like to come and personally thank you for your visit.


11-1 Daimachi Kanagawa-ku
Yokohama-shi Kanagawa-ken
221-0834 JAPAN


11-1 Daimachi Kanagawa-ku
Yokohama-shi Kanagawa-ken
221-0834 JAPAN